Q. What is "Checkboxer?"

A. It's a group blog for rationalist types, the kind you might have found at Slate Star Codex or at Less Wrong circa 2009.

Q. Who writes the blog posts?

A. They're all written anonymously. You might be able to tell some repeat authors apart by their writing style or subject matter, but the posts themselves aren't attributed to anyone explicitly.

Q. Can I submit an essay?

A. You're welcome to! It should be (a) well-written, (b) appealing to rationalist or Grey Tribe types. Email research@checkboxer.com to submit something. We'll proofread your submission and suggest edits before posting.

Q. Can I submit an idea for an essay?

A. Yes! We'll either invite a few people to use it as a writing prompt, or post a running list of ideas.

Q. Is there a comments section or community somewhere?

A. Not here. You're welcome to discuss the essays elsewhere on the Internet, e.g. the Slate Star Codex subreddit, on Less Wrong, or on your own blog.